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all event planning for everyone and communities

Entertaining friends on a budget? EASY

by josetta turner on 08/05/17

First set the mood. Clean up and keep your lights low. Put on some soft Jazz or music you like just keep it down, not to disturb your neighbors. Make sure your guests have ample places to safely park and enter your abode. At the grocery store pick up these items. 1lb. of ground meat. or ground turkey, or ground pork.2 cans of cut corn, buy the frozen pkg if cheaper. 2 cans of stewed tomatoes, 1 onion. 1 box of jiffy muffin mix.  In a aluminum pan from the $1.00 store.Dice the onion very fine and mix in while you. brown your meat . 

Pour off any grease then pour meat and onion into bottom of pan. Add on top cut corn, then stewed tomatoes. Do not stir in should be in layered.Prepare jiffy per instructions on pkg.Pour over mixture, bake until jiffy is brown.Serve with salsa and chips. COST? Meat per lb. $1.79 to $2.00, Corn .59 cent per can,Stewed tomatoes .69 cents per can. Salsa $1.00 at $1.00 store and chips $1.00 @ dollar store.You can also find fresh fruit if you want to add dessert. This is enough to serve 6-8 people and less than $20.00 The $1,00 store or $.99 cents store have fresh and frozen items you may use for a fabulous gathering. Of course you may spend more if you have the money.
Thank you Malik for your interest!

How to have a impromptu event that is easy and memorable for all

by josetta turner on 07/20/17

Hi everyone, it's almost the weekend again  and mostly hot in most places. The easiest way to relax and stay cool is being outside in the shade. throw some fairy lights up in your trees or bushes. Add any kind of lighting if you wish. Put some soft jazz or pop music in the yard, throw hot dogs, steaks, burgers, veggies on the grill. Open some wine of your liking with plenty of ice. Fruit drinks low sugar for the kids. Place condiments on table too.Lay out inexpensive paper plates, plain or with a design. Paper cups to match, cover a table  with a plastic tablecloth  and lay out all of your paper goods, drinks, food and add some nice blooms from the garden or surroundings for a casual, relaxing evening. When the sun sets all will be magical. Call your neighbors over to join you, They can bring a dish too. Using paper goods, clean up will be a breeze.Communities can do this too. Set up a long table call your neighbors, say bring a dish and several people use the grill and put mostly everything on it. Block off a small area on your street set that up right in the middle and add the fairy lights and soft music. No loud music so no one is disturbed if not joining in. Bet everyone will have a great time and you bond with folks right where you live.Watch what happens later.

3 steps for a great Event for anyone. Come let's have some fun.

by josetta turner on 07/17/17

So many people make big money mistakes by thinking they have to spend a lot to host an event. whether it's a Birthday party, or a Christmas get together or throwing a spooky and scary Halloween Event.It's all about the selections  you make and where you buy them and a bit of DIY know how. Don't worry I can help you achieve your vision of how you want things to look and what type of a impression you wish to make. Most of us want to be that house in the neighborhood that our neighbors talk about in a good way. Got children?  Then you have to be cool in their eyes.What better way than having an event that sets your family apart from the same old traditions. Let's create something exciting and different.

Don't forget for less money. As I presented before, follow three steps. Choose your  {1}Event   {2} Decorations {3} Food. I feel a party shaping up. Follow me for great tips, new ideas, and very low fees if I put a plan together just for you. I will also make invitations, flyers, cards, banners and some decorations to make you shine.All created to your specifications. Your style will always represent you, not me.  Let me know what your desires and concerns are for having a great, exceptional Event.