***Anyone, Any where can use my service
Choose to have your party at home, or one of the following locations:
An event Venue
A Hotel 
A Inn
A Resturant
A Park
A Bar 
At the Beach
Any place you desire
use your community center also
With respect towards each other we can reach all sorts of goals. We can beautify where we live, We can create green spaces and achieve a valued 
way of life. Here I will show you how to coexist together and build up your way of life and share in others ,no religious preference, no one in charge, no judgement, being honest with one another and helpful to each other. Can you do it??
We better try cause things are getting tougher,
we can all share the wealth , and try to rid those that hate and want everything for themselves.Those type of people can settle in a area with people like them and let the rest of us 
form a peaceful environment.
Let's celebrate Us. Our communities, living in the same neighborhoods and helping each other.
We can live around each other and make our world safer and protect our children and ourselves.