I can feel the change in the weather and know that it's that time again.I love the windy days and sitting in front of a crackling fire, drinking hot chocolate.Looking forward to seeing the children that come by for a treat. They are getting better and better with their imaginations on creating their scary
or funny costumes. I really look forward to the never ending show Halloween night. Well it does end and then I face the dark reality there are forces at work that are old and dangerous. they come in a mist or through a dark cloud floating by. Once the children are home they appear and thinking about them, the old ones I develop a pit in my stomach. 

They have come for years to collect the rejects in our society to use as they wish. I do not fathom the ways , it's unspeakable to imagine. I have my talisman and potions and prayers to protect me, for I am one of the few who can see them.When I was a child I would get visits from a few of the dark ones. I was not scared of any of them and would ask many questions about their world. So I am used as a catalyst for some of them to appear in human form. I don't look at them any more. So horrible I can't really describe it.The last time I got just a glimpse I lost my lunch or dinner not sure which.

So you understand no one can kill them nor escape them if they set their eyes on you. Oh you can protect yourself but visit a Witch or a high priest of Voo Doo. Every instrument has to be blessed.Do this as soon as you can for the season is very near. 
So I prepare for the good and the bad or the worse during this joyous time. I began to watch the shadows when I am out and double take a close up on faces that seem out of sorts. Sometimes you get a feeling that there are eyes on you. It's real and now you know, so if you get snatched up by some thing no one will know. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Travel with others and be aware of your surroundings.I keep the lights on and so should you. Be safe, try to have fun any way.